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Why Choose a Family Film?

If one photo is worth a thousand words, what would a moving photo of your family be worth? Thousands of words, fused with movement and filled with emotion. Family films are timeless treasures that have become the new family heirloom. Babies, toddler, kids, teenagers and then adulthood goes so quickly, there is nothing quite like pausing time for a few hours to spend time as a family and have it capture in the most beautiful and authentic way as possible.

How does a family film work? Well, there are a couple of ways--it can happen during your annual photo shoot and have more of a lifestyle infused feeling about it, or, you can opt to just focus on creating a film and focus on life and activities at home just being together. Either way, both types of films work to capture your family in the most beautiful and authentic way as possible. Films that happen during photo shoots will tend to be shorter as the focus is on the photography and filming tends to happen at different increments during the shoot. At home films will be longer as the focus is on the film and the photography comes second in priority.

The following film was created during a photo shoot. The focus was on the photography but, as you can see, we got adorable video footage.

The following film was created during a dedicated hour of filming where fewer photos were taken and the focus was on the film and story happening.

In the future years, both families will appreciate these videos because, while yes, we may have our phones that capture our everyday moments, getting our life documented in a profession and beautiful way, is absolutely priceless and a beautiful gift to leave to our children.

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