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What to Wear for a Lifestyle Shoot

I'll give you a hint--you probably already have it in your closet! ;)

You know that meme that goes around that says, "Whoever said Easy like Sunday Morning never had to get kids ready for church on Sundays?!" It is so true! If you were in our house on Sunday mornings, it always looks like a small tornado *cough, cough* FINE, a large tornado, ripped through all our rooms with pajamas flying off, underwear flying around and shoes being thrown. The same thing can happen for portrait sessions. It can be stressful to get all the kids dressed, fed and out to the door to a location for formal photos. Now, I'm not saying never do formal portraits, but I do think some seasons are easier than others. It's during those seasons that I highly recommend doing a lifestyle sessions. These kinds of sessions happen in your home and there's not near as much pressure to have it all together by the time your photographer shows up! Today we're just going to chat about what to wear to a lifestyle session. Do you need to get all dressed up? Do you need to match? Do you need to go shopping? Do you need to have everyone's hair and makeup done? Let's get started in answering those questions!


This is the best news! You probably have this is in your closet--think of an outfit you would wear if you were going to have company over to your house for dinner. Now, probably not your bestie who could care less if you were in your sweats, but maybe your co-worker, pastor or business associate. Cute, comfy but slightly more put together than your regular day clothes.


Not unless that's your jam! I had a dad one time put on a suit and while he would never lounge in a suit, it was classy and totally added to his photos. You want to wear skinny jeans and your daughter wants to wear a tutu? Totes!


Everyone loves a new outfit, especially if company is coming over--but if it's not in your budget, you love your closet etc. then skip it. If you're like me though and have boys, I'm probably picking up some fresh shirts for them because they make sure all their clothes are so worn that not even photoshop could hide it. ;)


Yes! Do you hair! Yes! Do your makeup! Again, just as if you were having company. You may want to apply it a smidge heavier so that it photographs well, but as much as this is a lifestyle session, this is different than a Slice of Life session. Plus, you'll feel better and it completely changes the look of whatever you're wearing.

Have other questions? Let me know and I'll get back to you soon! Find this helpful? Share it, I'm sure other moms would appreciate these few tips!

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