• Deanna Chapa

The Experience of a Family Film

Capturing a family film is such a beautiful experience. When kids get to be at home in their natural environments, they are less like to "perform" for the camera, give off fake smiles and their genuine selves can shine and be captured authentically. Lifestyle photography eliminates the need to stress out about locations, formal clothing choices and worry that their children aren't going to cooperate. This is the best session to allow kids to just be kids. As a momma of four I know how to slip in, just hang out and capture your precious life moments as they happen. We'll have a full conversation about what's important to you in your session and how best to capture your lives.

During our shoot we've shared stories of our lives, laughed in solidarity about motherhood, captured some beautiful and tender moments and pretended not to notice melt-downs. ;) Have the tissues ready when you view your film and photos. In the moment that you see your kid on film, you'll realized that you made the right decision to go beyond simple photography. Your family film will become the heirloom treasure you pass on to your family, your children and then your grandchildren. A gift of being able to look back and see what life was like in your home and the beauty that can be found in the day to day.

I can't wait to shoot your family story.

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