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5 Tips to Getting Better Photos of Your Kids

Tips and tricks to getting those shots that melt your heart.

Getting great photos of your kids doesn't have to be hard and with these five tips, a little bit of time and lots of shooting, you'll be on your way to creating an annual photo book that you'll be so proud of!

1. Take your camera out often

When your kids are at the park, when they're doing chores, whey they're doing a puzzle or playing with legos. When they wake up, when they're so cute in the bath...all.the.time. Make the camera as normal as the spoon they eat with their cereal. The more it's out, the more they'll associate it as the memory maker machine.

2. Get down on their level

Literally, get down on their level. Make sure you camera is at their eye level, maybe a smidge above and shoot away! If you want to see the difference, shoot from your height and then do a comparison shot by getting at their level. The perspective change makes all the difference in the photo.

3. Shoot fast

So this tip is techy! Kids move fast and the best way to capture that motion is to keep your shutter speed to at least double the focal length on your lens. For example, I generally shoot with my 50mm lens and so I have my shutter speed at least to 1/100th of a second just to avoid motions blur. But if I want to capture them without blur I'm probably shooting around 1/250th of a second. Bonus tip? I put my focus mode is AI Servo so that my lens is constantly refocusing as my child moves around without me having to always refocus every shot. If you're shooting with a phone camera then the only way to avoid motion blur is to shoot in really good light or photograph an activity that is calm. ;)

4. Let them have a turn

Ok, probably my best tip--kids get their cues about how they supposed to act and react from us. That includes even being in front of the camera! If you cover your face, cross your arms, get extremely self conscious in front of a camera, then they will be too! So, give them the camera. Allow them to take photos and if the camera lands on you--smile! Be sure to compliment them on their photos, let them know they're amazing! Remember, you're trying to teach them to be comfortable in front of the camera so that you can get those amazing shots of them in every season of their lives.

5. Keep it real

Don't wait until you're in your dream home, don't wait until your home is perfectly clean, don't wait until their bedroom looks like it's straight out of Pottery Barn Kids or your kids look like they walked out of J.Crew. I'm being facetious because I love me some PBK and J.Crew kids, but my point is you've got to just start now. Wherever you are because time doesn't stop. And childhood is the most beautiful reflection of the season of life you are in as a family! Keep it real with your photos, don't worry about trying to make your children appear to be in a state of life that they're not. The memories captured are something that we look back on in years and measure how far we've come. The photos are no less beautiful in an apartment than they are in a 4,800 square foot home, because at the end of the day, it's the people in the photos that matter, and in 20 years when they look back at their photos they'll just be glad to have them.

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