Every single day, I have to remind myself at bedtime that the struggle is only for a season. Every single day, I have to remember that I won't always have to prepare 10 meals, 150 snacks and convince 4 kids to go to bed 20 times. Every single day, I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be the mom to three boys and a girl. They teach me to appreciate the little things and find the beauty in the monotony, and I often find myself trying to imprint their little nuances in my memory. I never want to forget what it feels like to be kissed by a 16-month-old, hugged by a tiny 4-year-old and randomly told I love you. I never want to forget the excitement that comes from a 7-year-old who discovers that he can make his own eggs, or from an 8-year-old who has learned that writing stories is his favorite thing ever.

What do you want to remember? What part of motherhood and childhood do you want to preserve? The season of childhood passes so swiftly and the ins and outs of everyday are beautiful enough to be captured.


The journey through motherhood with a camera in my hand has taught me so much--especially these days when I'm digging through hard drives, looking through my Chatbooks, or staring at the printed portrait of my then 8-month-old. Some moments can't be rushed and can't be posed. Capturing childhood means lots of laughter, evoking imagination, and sometimes just sitting down and watching life happen right in front of your eyes. And it's these moments that we want to remember forever. So from the baby sleeping in her bed to the boy out in the yard in his undies, I promise we'll have fun, let the kids run the show, and just let them be little. 

​©2019 Deanna Rose Photography | Deanna Chapa

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